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Francesca Bifulco  Los Angeles, CA

'Electro Crowd #2'
Acrylic on canvas
'Electro Crowd #1'
Acrylic on canvas

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About Francesca

Francesca Bifulco was born in Southern Italy in 1986. In 2006, she moved to Rome to pursue artistic studies. In 2008, she started working in set design, special make-up effects and costume design. In the same period she began exhibiting her paintings in Rome. Since January 2012 she lives and works between Italy and United States.

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"That is absolutly divine! You see the importance of people and the abundance..."

"Very nice"

"This guy seems wrapped up in running."

"WOW! that is sooooo cool, and so detailed!"

"Oh my gosh that is soo cool and so detailed"

"WOW! that is really cool!"

"The artist certainly has developed a signature style. I appreciate that her talent and developed style leads me to new ways of seeing what is drawn and what is painted. The one caution I would have (after touring the artist's own website) is that, when one develops such a high level of production within a signature style so early in their career -- or at anytime in a career -- one risks the possibility of allowing oneself to become trapped within the potential confines of that signature style. She shows great risk and abandon (good qualities for any artist) and I'd love to see any work she may come up with if she pushes beyond her current explorative creations. Keep creating and keep sharing with the rest of us."

"lookin good"

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