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Jeff McMillan  Los Angeles, CA

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Jeff lives and works in Los Angeles California. His work has been shown in galleries across LA and New York including Gallery 1988, Fuse Gallery and the Corey Helford Gallery.

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"sigh... not all art HAS a message...."

"As a surrealist, I found this painting extensive as I couldn??t reach to the massage beyond it other than productivity betrayed by symbiosis"

"Surreal. Your monster is very creeeepy, for some reason I can't define. Maybe it's the pose. Love all of it."

"as a polygamist, I found these paintings didn't haveenough wives in them.---good painting though."

"What a wild and wacky world. I like the blue Yeti; I liked all the blue skinned people.I liked his older work better. Don't you hate that as an artist, when people like your older work better than what your working on now."

"As a Shriner, I found that these paintings accurately depicted what happens at our weekly meetings. Well done!"

"i think you guys need to let your minds wander to the masons for this one. cut throat politics on testosterone under the guise of community.i kinda like it."

"Anonymous-I don't think the artist was alluding to Turkish or other near-eastern individuals. In America the fez is connected with secretive all-male societies. I think these paintings had more to do with farcical speculation on initiation rites and requirements for acceptance into what we call "the old boys' club.""

"Looks like a Shriners convention gone bad. Too weird not to love."

"I didn't think it looked like any Turkish people I know. So what's offensive. To me it looks like shriners on PCP.I like the use of colors and the noire aspect to it."

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