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Yuka Yamaguchi  Saskatoon, Canada

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About Yuka

Yuka is a self taught artist from Saskatoon, Canada. She says that she just recently began to tell people she was an artist. It’s a good thing she does because her work is great. Her latest project is called the ‘turn everything around you cute and fun project”.

One of the most interesting things about Yuka’s art is that you can see exactly how she creates each piece by watching videos she posts on YouTube. Watch her create the drawing below here. You can also check out her latest work on her blog Plastique Monkey.

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I absolutely fell in love with at least two illustrations on your website. Though I like this one as well, I don't think it does your art work justice compared to some of the others I saw. Whimsical yet demented, your pieces evoke strong emotions- and more often than not, as in life, they are conflicting. You should never hesitate calling yourself an artist, your pieces are beautiful and creative- you're more talented than a lot of artists I have encountered.

wow...awsome idea...

Incredible ...

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