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Mars Tokyo  Baltimore, MD

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About Mars

I wanted to continue and improve on that intimate experience for the viewer. Thus, the idea of small ‘theaters” arose.

Theaters provided a stage on which visual drama could be composed. They also draw the viewer inside, not only due to their miniature size, but by the idea that drama is taking place within. To some extent the subject matter is narrative, but to a greater extent the content remains open to individual interpretation (which I encourage).

Each display is twice covered, first by a velvet curtain which is drawn aside, then by a miniature scale model door which is opened. Upon opening the door, the viewer is greeted by the lighted display of a single ‘theater” displayed against black for maximum impact. The anticipation of viewing the work and interaction required to do this, becomes an important part of the experience.

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"Your work is really beautiful. and regarding to the last one, I'm still waiting for the giant snake to move in."

"i love creativity. the first one with the papers caught my eye. i like to write to this is a great picture."

"I like its 3d effect. Very artful!The bookshelves, the flying papers, the photo... very nice!"

"Love the mystery and surprising juxtapositions, and such artful execution--and I thought all that before I knew how wonderfully small these tableaux are."

"i lie the picture"

"I want to qualify my use of "voyeur". I did not want to suggests sordidness in the tableau or perversion in the viewer. I meant its least used meaning which is to watch in private from a secret place and not interact with the subjects observed."

"Thank you, people. For the full collection of theaters-- please check out http://teenytheaters.comThe size on these is 3.5"w x 4.5"d x 4"hfits in your palm. Close up photos using a Macro lens."

"I really really enjoyed the feelings this evoked in me . My slightly voyeuristic nature enjoyed the glimpse of a stolen moment in time ,open to the interpretation of the observer.Could it be joy ? More probably the kismet of seeing another's frustrations so similar to the everyday potential of own . A private moment, shown without special contrivances . Whatever it means to the artist ,it stands out as something original,a credit to the artists interpretative abilities and imagination . Kudos on both counts!"

"From the description it seems that you are building all these miniatures for each scene in the theatre. These are wonderful small morsels of life in other dimensions and time. What a wonderful, intriguing statement and evokes the voyeuristic nature of our culture that the media has provoked in us all.I love your work."

"Other than the nude in high gear it looks quite a bit like my own office, where only interesting things sojourn."

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