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Heath Yenna  South Bend, IN

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About Heath

My current body of work incorporates found materials and other mediums to create images in tune with contemporary culture. The use of vintage printed ephemera, stylized fonts and text samples create a layering that references contemporary graphic design, fine art and graffiti aesthetics. All artists are in process. I find my process of fusing vintage and contemporary source materials toothsome and challenging. For me, being in process with the medium of collage, I continue to explore the boundaries between definitions of ‘low’ art and ‘high’ art.

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"Great work"

"Is South Bend A great place to market yourself as an artist. what is the best way to network with other artist?"

"I really do not see the "happiness" that Mr. Sadler is so enthusiastic about. The frowning man sort of disturbs me."

"Happy art. It did draw me in."

"As an artist this paiting, to me looks like more of the same, I have nothing against pop art when it is done well, but this looks like you didnt even try, It isnt new or memorable it just looks like a failed attempt to copy older pop art,with less skill than the artists who created the movement decades ago.This conributes nothing new to the art I said its just more of the same."

"Love it. I really enjoy the mix of contemporary and vintage; it feels good and is bold and interesting, has a story that brings you in. Good use of color and texture."

"Mao meets Warhol... I like it!!"

"What friendly, happy paintings. I like the colors and compositions too. Pop art was 45 yrs ago so that is long enough for one to go retro on it. We'll call all these young artist who weren't born when Pop art was happening Neo-Pop. Its a lovely title . You just call an art movement Neo-whatever and it is a revival. Gosh, how many times has classical reared its ideal head.I think it is an attempt to revive painting, put real objects from our world into the canvases. Doing that gives us some distance from our world. We co-opt the real and turn it into art. This gives psychological distance.Heath is a good solid artist. I would be happy to have one of many of his works hanging in my home. It would make it a happier place. Because reality would be turned into art and it would be less threatening and I could relax."

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