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Frost Newton  San Leandro, CA

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About Frost

Art is like music – it elicits a response beyond analytical thought. But art and music can bring more to the table, and allow us to dig in to ourselves and discover. These pieces represent a mysterious interaction – a fusion of mind, body, spirit and the elements of earth, all stirred up and boiled down in the time/space continuum.

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"admire skill and would like to hear his spin on the symbolism, although i can reap plenty-hail to dali and to you blithe spirit and give us more"

"I know the specifics of it is not Dali, but squint and it is. Can't deny it, it's too close for 'originality' comfort."

"I adore this pictures."

"Stop comparing Frost Newton and Dali. Sure there might be some similarities but Dali's work is very unique, and so is Newtons. They are both great so stop ranting and appreciate the art."

"Great work with hidden stories - surreal/dali"

"I am fascinated by the inspiration you find in Grimms', and how unique each piece is even though they come from the same catalogue, as it were, of folklore. Using these mini-myths infuses your work with a complexity that is inspiring in itself, and also connects your work to a larger Western narrative - one that has been in the making for 30,000-40,000 years. Plugging into that narrative seems to be an important part of our collective experience; as a species, we began to tell stories and make paintings tens of thousands of years before cultivating grain or domesticating animals - that is to say, it is older than the desire to civilize, older than the desire for safety and order found within city walls. Marvelous paintings. Thank you."


"This is very daliesque."

"These are remarkable works of art, very Dali-esque. :)"

"I just remember one painting I liked very much. It was a skull with rabbits racing around the eyesockets. nice use of color.The people who are crying Dali Dali don't know his work well nor do they know this artist very well."

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