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Ipalbus  Washington, D.C.

'Woman tears'
'Woman 18'

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About Ipalbus

Ipalbus is a professional artist.

His romanticized and sometimes carnivalesque figure paintings and nudes are a mix of traditional and digital.

His work has been exhibited across the United States and Europe and won several international art awards.

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'Eye Contact'


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"Thank you all very much!"

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"O' my. This is one awesome painting. I wish I can apply the same techniques! Who is the artist?!?"

"awsome painting im 8 and i love to paint i wish i could paint like that"

"I don't quite understand what is happening here....this artist got 70 comments, mostly positive, yet only 87 people gave him a vote, and his ranking was very low. Are the people who are commenting not bothering to vote? I understand that most people who will take the time to comment are more likely to say something nice, but something does not compute here."

"That is just beautifulllllll! Love the teardrop. It is all so realistic"

"this pic is sad"



"a blast"

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