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James Verbicky  Laguna Beach, CA

'Force Bloom 9'
Arches on Panel, Resin
'Citta Samtana 14'

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About James

Born in Canada from Polish descent, James Verbicky lived the majority of his early life in British Columbia. Verbicky’s works are now included in important private, public, celebrity, and museum collections all over the world.

James’s pieces stimulate the viewer with both content and texture. The three dimensional surfaces transcend traditional painting and venture into the realm of sculpture, and by utilizing vintage media, advertisements, and obsolete branding materials, Verbicky presents us with the result of decades of attempts to persuade, manipulate, and coerce through subtle and suggestive imagery. His works are at once deeply conceptual and hauntingly beautiful, capturing both forgotten and persisting icons of media and reminding us that we are constantly being influenced.

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"Love James's work, very inspiring"

"For you of those saying "i could do that" Simply put... YOU DIDNT....James did and he does it extremely well.Nice work James. All your success is well deserved."

"Love all the creative designs! I can't wait to have one in my house!! Go James!"

"I love the use of vintage papers, and a sculptural element in 2-D.....I could see that first piece in my living room. Love!"

"I love Verbicky! The colors and his progression as an artist amaze me. I'd love to own these. He is a true artist!"

"Sorry, I must be missing something. I'm sure it's good at some level, but it doesn't do anything for me. No fault of the artist, just the beholder's eye."

"not very interesting"


"u r an amazing artist"

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