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Eske Kath  Brooklyn, NY

Acrylic on canvas
'There were houses everywhere'
Acrylic and gesso on canvas

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About Eske

Eske Kath is a Danish painter, sculptor, and performance artist. He received a BFA from the Royal Danish Academy of Art in Copenhagen in 2003.

His work depicts scenes of chaos and natural disasters that are presented in elegant, structured arrangements. In 2009, he was commissioned to paint a chamber ceiling in the Crown Prince of Denmark’s Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen.

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'New York'


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An interesting way to represent destruction.


wonderful, really nice work.

I love this art piece! the message is there is always a light in darkness

I love it!

that is amazing

awesome hope I'll be that good someday

really cool(:

Good Job Eske Kath

grate job- note: add more light

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