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Leigh Suggs  Richmond, VA

'Resistance To Compression'
Handcut, acrylic on Yupo
'Void As Form II'
Handcut, acrylic on Yupo

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About Leigh

Leigh Suggs is an artist living and working in Richmond, VA. Leigh received her BFA from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill in 2003 and her MFA from the Virginia Commonwealth University in Craft and Material Studies in 2015.

Leigh explains the work by saying, “I am interested in an in-between space during the act of seeing. The in-between space lies on the spectrum of the reality in front of us and what our brain tells us. It is within this “pure” space, that an individual can experience an unaltered, unaffected, and unchanged vision. While this purity can only exist for a fleeting moment, that moment defines the highest peak of personal experience. After this moment passes, the sight/vision can never be the same. We are constantly bearing witness to the inexpressible, and this fleeting moment of pure seeing is something we should all revel in. Deceptively simple and minimalistic in content, my work asks the viewer to be patient and to contemplate what is happening. I explore movement, light, and translucency through the use of singular, pattern producing gestures. The reflective surfaces and vibrant intense colors are a simultaneous reflection of physical and psychological states, which make my work ocular and auric. I make art that investigates visual manipulations as subdued objects and experiences.”

Quick facts about Leigh

Her work is a part of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and corporate collections, including the Federal Reserve Bank, Capital One, Markel Corporation, Suntrust Bank and Fidelity Investments.
Suggs has been awarded several grants and honors, including the North Carolina Fellowship Award, a city of Richmond CultureWorks Grant, and a residency at the Quirk Hotel and Gallery in Richmond, VA.

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