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Geoffrey Laurence  Santa Fe, NM

'Duke meets his angel'
Oil on canvas
'The looking glass'
Oil on canvas

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About Geoffrey

Geoffrey was born in Patterson, New Jersey, not long after the end of World WII. His parents were refugees from Silesia (a country that no longer exists) and holocaust survivors who had become naturalized American citizens.

Aged four, Laurence moved to England, where he attended three art schools and became interested in drawing and painting based on classics. Over the next twenty years, he worked freelance in various different art related fields.

In the 90s he became an interior designer and designed restaurants in London for the Zen chain and others. His work has been featured in Royal Institute of British Architects magazine, Vogue and London Evening Standard, among other publications.

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'New Mexico'


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"Strong contemporary realism! An achievement worthy of notice."

"I would sure like to know the artist's thoughts on this painting."


"that looks soo weird lol"

"Too cute. Are they in the Quaker cereal sectio, where things get shot from guns?"

"Don't get it. Absurdity? Killing is absurd? The processed foods we purchase are killing us? Life is a comic strip? I'll check out his other work before I decide whether I like him or not."

"Don't get it unless it is a comment on absurdity"

"not realistic enough!!"

"detailing amazing"

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