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Alessandro Pautasso  Turin, Italy

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About Alessandro

About Alessandro

Alessandro aka Kaneda is an illustrator, graphic designer and photographer based in Turin, Italy who specializes in vector art. He describes his work as baroque and romantic with a thoroughly modern graphic aesthetic.

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"WOW!!! i LOVE it!! its awsome, l love your use of color!!"

"really amazing!"

"these are amazing. i cant stop looking at them.. wow. im speechless. <3"

"We must understand that art is what is seen not what you want to see. it reveals an emotion not a point of view... a question to all critics... How do you fell after looking at this piece of art? Me.. I feel free"

"Where are the eyes?! My eyes want to gaze at another pair of eyes in the painting. But they are left out! Why are the eyes left out?"

"Looks like Life Magazine circa 1972."

"A spectacular piece of art. The colours really stad out and the picture makes me think...It looks very 21 century which I enjoy (even though my favorite time period is the neoclassical)and gives the sense of what it is (it looks like a Japenese woman with a very well done tatoo work)!!!"

"i like this alot but it still looks like someone took a picture and scribbled on it but VARY COOL"

"hmmm. the first isn't my favorite... a little juvenile. I like the concept thought. The second piece is much better, but still, not my favorite. It looks like some kid took a picture for myspace and scribbled on it in photoshop."

"Absolutely wonderful! It's alive and fresh and wonderous. I feel like being swept away to euphoria."

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