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Susan Madsen  Vancouver, BC, Canada

Oil on canvas on panel
'Song 1'
Oil on canvas

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About Susan

Susan Madsen studied painting and has worked passionately with oils for the last 20 years.

While her love of travel brings the influence of northern European painting and Indian miniatures, her meticulous style is informed by formal studies of Western art history. Her paintings of figures in landscape are best described as expanded realism.

Her work has been exhibited across the United States and in Canada.

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"Almost Pre-Rafealite"

"This painting protrays my marriage to my husband. He was flamboant, charming, and a salesman. However he would get himself into hotwater from time to time because of his spontaneousness. When he was very sick in 2010 and before he died on November 18th.He thanked me for rescuing him so many times and asked gor my forgiveness. Yes I know how it feels to hold up a big strong man. Thank you."

"Some dance - like my fav!"

"i have only god and jesus christ to catch me when i falter and fail ... i.with my failures i hope she has friends :)"

"Did He trip?!"

"wow interisting"

"Wow... so realistic!! Great job with the painting... a fantastic example of expanded realism!"

"Wow..very realistic!"

"la Pieta revisited?"

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