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Paul Pitsker  Los Angeles, CA

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About Paul

My newest watercolor paintings are quiet reflections on mortality, fragility and desire. The players in these desktop existential dramas are the other denizens of my studio work environs — insects and birds mostly — and they act out staged scenes of annihilation, often amid handwritten scraps of paper and the mundane artifacts of daily life. These images aim to reveal the hidden beauty and the potential for dark humor and pathos in a microcosmic world that is all too easily overlooked — that is, when it is not being inadvertently crushed underfoot.

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"These are beautiful and smart... a rare combination. Yes, some of the paintings on the website are a little Hallmark-y, but I get that this is on purpose. Great stuff!"

"I'm shocked(but nicely)at this watercolour painting(s) of the butterflies. For most watercolour, the painting is blobs of paint, but this is extremly fined-lined and looks like a photo.(Which is extremly hard to do with watercolours!"

"I agree on the amazing talent with watercolor! These are photo-realistic- an amazing feat esp. with watercolor. bravo! I'm glad I was lucky enough to expperience yuor work!"

"I love the humor in your work."

"these are amazing."

"I really love your paintings. This image is totally unique and it's refreshing to see something so different. Very realistic and beautiful."

"Even if they are beautifully rendered & humorously depicted, I still hate bugs."

"really, really beautiful. a whole field of watercolor that not many tread on in this media."

"Very lovely, and interesting. I'm glad to know about your art"

"The juxtaposition of the handwriting and insect is beautiful. I really like the broken phrase of the first painting, it evokes such strong emotion. Very good choice of phrases, these images make you think."

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