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Casey Smith  San Francisco, CA

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About Casey

I am interested in the history of religious illustration in the Mormon church and the absence of religious content in contemporary art. I am attempting to bring them together, however uncomfortable one may be with the other.

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"Very intriguing. I'd love to see a docent-guided tour of these works, to discuss the symbolism."

"ABSOLUTLY OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!Amazing colour, it makes me think HARD. Like what is it and what is happwning. This is my favorite type of 21st century art!!!!!!KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK CASEY SMITH!!!!!!"

"I love it. It is so unique... you do not see a lot of art like this."


"hmmm. very interesting... I like the contrast betweeen bold graphics and soft pen and ink. Very alternative, but quite intueging. [sic] All in all, its a nice combination of modern cubism and classic, timeless realism."

"Love the combination of grays with bursts of color. A unique voice."

"Some might think that eliminating known religious symbols and focusing on the bareness of color and shape (as minimalism does), is in itself spiritual or religious. I think it's interesting the artist is trying to blend recognized emblems/illustrations with abstractions. Her works, though, look like they are only scratching the surface."

"Wow. An explosion of flavor for my eyes. I've set the top one as my desktop background."

"i really dig it!!! unique, modern, fresh and impromptu. i love your natural approach, they seem to grow out of themselves. i really enjoy it. i just bookmarked your website to send to all my artist friends."

"At first I was just intrigued. I visited Casey's website and was moved. The aesthetics are excellent. The contrasts of color and texture are awkward to start. They become more cohesive, however, as you look through the galleries. Very nice website, by the way.I do have to comment as well, that art in itself is selfish. To the artist and viewer/critic alike. What the artist intends is not always what is received. But the point is to get your perception and view out of your head and make people start talking."

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