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'Theo Wesselo'
Acrylics on paper, papercutting
'Marcel Musters'
Acrylics on paper, papercutting

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About Kuin

Kuin Heuff studied painting at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

She makes portraits on paper which she then cuts up into lace-like structures, more reminiscent of anatomical drawings or woodcuts.

Her work has been exhibited in Rotterdam and surrounding areas.

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its absolutely beautiful! is it made out of twizzlers?

nice who is it

Visual drug hallucination

nice picture really cool

i always love art with lines

creepy but cool and it looks like noodles

Wow! I remember doing continual contours but I was never able to do it that well. This artist is taking it to a whole new level

creepy but cool

How amazing is this photo! :)

gross and awesome at the same time grosome

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