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Jean-Pierre Roy  New York, NY

'Defeat of Anthropy'
Oil on canvas
'The Rocks Crept Back While We Slept'
Oil on canvas

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About Jean-Pierre

About Jean-Pierre

Jean-Pierre’s work is imaginative, powerful and at times apocalyptic. His powerful images explore the vastness of nature and leave you feeling insignificant to the world he depicts.

He received a BFA from Loyola Marymount University and an MFA from the New York Academy of Art. As an illustrator, his clients have included Electronic Arts, Ziff Davis Media, Veuve Cliquot, and Heidi Klum, Inc.

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Scott Listfield

Somerville, MA artist

"Anybody who knows even the littlest thing about me or my work knows how interested I am in the future. Jean-Pierre Roy crafts intensely detailed visions of the road our technology is taking us down – a future filled with towering buildings crumbling to the ground, laser blasts lighting the night sky, and landscapes of cratered destruction. Significantly enough, although signs of our civilization abound, there is rarely a human to be seen."

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"It's not about destruction, it's about the artist's hopeful belief that humanity has a tenacious capacity to survive, adapt, evolve, resurrect, and/or rebuild."

"wow this is awesome"

"That is absoulutely fantastic, it captures ammence detail and destruction. I think the artist is trying to represent the years coming. It's actually, for me extremely satirical. Awesome."

"Making us remember we will never be stronger or smarter than nature and its epic power"

"I think the first painting is great, it reminds me of some condos I saw in Hawaii that were stuck in the beautiful green lush hills, it was so out of place and wrong but they have been there for years destroying that beautiful lush hillside. Its a Pitiful site. love the destruction you have captured here to rightfully remove such ugliness in the green."

"In the end, all will end in dust."

"Nice work, my paints have a little from this subject too.This paints remember me the images that i see in a great Documentary "Life After People (2008, Directed by David de Vries). My question his, did you had work on this Doc?!!namaste!"

"The human race as 'insignificant' gives forth possibility for the furute of life. Your concept speaks volumes. and your skill is magnificent."

"Very unusual subject matter and a brave forray into commercial art if indeed these pieces are intended to be commercial. I cannot imagine having these hung in a bright and vibrant building but suspect there would be a small minority willing to pay good money for the impact value of the pieces. Good luck Mr. Roy."

"Destruction is a form of creation. The end of one thing is only th beginning of something new. Imay be biased since my work is apocolyptic butI like it!"

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