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Alon Seifert  New York, NY

'Titled 6'
'Titled Twelve'

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About Alon

Alon Seifert is an illustrator working out of New York.

His Structural Potential series is made up of complex but imaginary geometric structures that represent the potential of movement, physicality and strength.

Seifert makes lines with archival ink pen and without the use of a ruler. Examined closely, the lines are not imperfect but very accurate. Later, animal images are glued onto the paper.

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'New York'


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"I love this art. It is related to the physics of fractal geometry and the discovery of Fibonochi."

"that's really good"

"Non-sensical, but interesting.... hints at the physics involved in flight."

"amazing it kinda reminds me of the hunger games where the katnis is a birs said on fire"

"I don't get it, but it looks creative."

"this is beyond beauty"

"love it"

"thats really cool :)"

"Very cool. It should be titled "Trails of a Black Bird""

"LOVE it!"

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