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Naomi Reis  Brooklyn, NY

'Ivy on concrete wall with hole'
Acrylic on washi paper and mylar
'Scene from a Cultivated Jungle (panorama)'
Mixed media on washi paper and mylar

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About Naomi

I draft blueprints for an imaginary world where iconic architectural elements from the past, present, and future ‘churches, oil refineries, apartment buildings, spaceships’ interconnect to form fantastic cityscapes. Since the days of Babylon, humans have dreamed of building the perfect city. These utopian visions have bubbled up cyclically throughout history as a reaction to the dystopian realities of the day (like the 18th century romantics, the 1920s German Expressionists and the Bauhaus, the idealism of the ’60s). By assembling these faded visions into a seamless metaphysical landscape, I am able to traverse past and present utopias, much like walking down a contemporary crowded city street. The background is left empty to emphasize that these structures are not grounded in reality, but remain suspended in the space of the imagination.

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Kipton Cronkite

Curator & Art Advisor

"I became a fan of Reis' work in 2013 and continue to follow her growing career."

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"I love the colours and unusual viewpoint of your pictures although believe that a bit more time spent balancing the composition might lead to even better results"

"i love these! look at how amazing they look!"

"Naomi,What wonderful pictures. I love your vision."

"Hi Naomi....I see that it is still Ms. Reis!....ganbatte ne! jokes!...Greetings from Osaka. I received the website containing your works from Toshiko (my Mrs.) who in turn received if from your Mom, Setsuko. We are previous parishioners at St.Agnes in Kyoto.Anyway, you must forgive me for my lack of knowledge in fine art though your explanation of your works speaks volumes for your ability to tap that higher level of inspiration which manyh of us find much difficulty in doing. For me personally, it is inspirational for me in my work here at Handai as I challenge the boundaries to write something unique, like your art, for submission as my final project to the school. I hope, like your art work, it will inspire further intellectual debate about the different aspects of our existence today.Keep up the good work and sharing your visions and inspirations with us all.Many thanks for all..........Sola-Langi, Toshiko and Suka"

"Phantastic phantasms of phantasy! Yum! How perfectly delicious and charmingly joyful, but also indicative of a playful intellect. Well done!"

"Naomi: Your artwork is truly spectacular and inspirational. Hope to see you at the beach this July so I can my son, Jacob, to you as "my cousin, the famous artist.""

"Thank you everyone for your kind and encouraging comments! I will absolutely keep making and making so thank you for taking a look!"

"Naomi, the paintings are spectacular. Who knew our family had such talent. Uncle Charley would have been equally impressed since he couldn't even draw stick figures.Aunt Susan"

"Namomi,Your dad sent us to this website where we saw your very impressive artistic dreams of past, present and future. We love them! Keep up the good work."

"Wow ..just went to your website ...loved them all ..especially the falling water... I get a kick out of the person (anonymous..should be anonymusing) who thinks they are an art critique... They could'nt get past the first"

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