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Amelia Alcock-White  Vancouver, BC, Canada

Oil on canvas
'Matthew's Aquarium'
Oil on canvas

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About Amelia

Amelia Alcock-White was born 1981 on Vancouver Island in British Columbia and studied at University of Vancouver Island and Emily Carr University.

Alcock-White’s paintings express the human condition and its relation to nature, the transitory character of time and the contrasting endurance of elemental forces.

Psychological themes, primal emotions and archetypal figures all play a role in her works. She fuses sentiment, intimacy and warmth with the enigmatic, giving her images an emotional subtlety that draws the viewer into her private world.

Her paintings have been the subject of numerous solo and group exhibitions. Her work is represented in public and private collections in Canada and the United States.

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"phenominal ideas and technique"

"A talented visionary"


"Spark of imagination in a tormented world right now"

"is this titanic"

"Clean work, I think the artist has certainly reached an elevated level in defining that particular scope/style. The style resembles the artist who painted the controversial pieces at D.I.A. (Denver International Airport) Oddly enough,these semi-large murals act as type of neck-brace by keeping the passerby's head stiffly looking forward, as if some bully from their Junior High days stood awaiting their glance . Its funny to watch people when they have to force themselves not to look and think about something because its too warped or different from their personal perception of this reality. Without question this is done, ignoring physics and history as a factor when building a conclusion as to what is going on. Although this is only 'my' perception,.. so get your own! Although Amelia's work is better art. The definitions are brought skillfully out as well as the use of color, shading and contrast are all well executed. Nicely done Amelia, what? Dave Hummel"

"lemme guess ....based on the titanic?"

"what a wonderful idea!"

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