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Lia Halloran  Los Angeles, CA

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About Lia

Lia is a 2001 MFA graduate from the Yale University School of Art and a 1999 BA graduate from the University of California, Los Angeles. Her paintings are inspired by physics and unseen natural forces around us such as light, motion, dissipation, centrifugal forces, gravity and magnetism. Laws of physics that are familiar and observable become just as important as the figures they interact with. The figures lie in an unresolved point between giving in and becoming overtaken, experiential in their environments.

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"im in love with these."

"Hide the face more on the first one and it will provide a more mysterious image. Other than that, beautiful."

"WOW!! AMAZING WORK!!! If anyone isn't able to say that after investigating your website, then I just don't think they're "getting" what you're exploring. Several of your pieces are seriously stunning and so much deeper than I think many people may realize. It is hard to pick a favorite because aesthetically, your work is very diverse, but I think the depth in "and the darkness implies" is of ENORMOUS genius! I love the rib death skate club too, an additional expression of art that is so well paired with your image art...makes sense to me! I look forward to checking out your website and watching your work as it continues to evolve! Thanks for sharing it!"

"It's alittle wierd, but I like how it's realistic!"

"Its really cool this sort of dark look to them. I like that"


"This is a very nice painting, the style of the artist is very clear and beautiful!!"

"Liquid science-fiction, but I guess that depends on one's view of reality...maybe these visible forces are more real than we are?? [Insert X-Files music here] I sort of like it, but after looking at the web site, the repetition starts to dull the effect. Kind of a novelty.~sammylambs"

"This is an interesting picture and it (to me)looks just a bit scary. This would do a perfect job in an art show!!Great job though!"

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