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Tom Leighton  London, UK

'Shibuya Umbrellas 4'
Digital C-type print
'Shibuya Umbrellas 3'
Digital C-type print

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About Tom

Tom Leighton is a London-based photographer and printmaker.

His digital montages present a vision of a metropolis which is recognizable yet unsettlingly displaced from reality. These urban views sit unevenly between real and fictional cities.

Leighton suspends his viewer from a floating vantage point above the city which is dreamlike and should arouse feelings of paranoia which he believes are inherent in our contemporary society. His aim is to create something beautiful that is informed or undermined by the experiences of his viewer.

His work has been collected and exhibited worldwide. In 2006 he was the recipient of the John Purcell Purchase Prize and the Thames & Hudson Book Prize.

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"Mezcla de Plano-Ideas Vive la Gente en Su Estructura__Manto-Forma de Color_::_"

"summer in the city"

"I want one of those!"

"nice & busy"

"beautiful and true, distance is non existing today the the worlds major cities are seconds or just a few hours away. I wish i had this to hang on my wall"

"cool where is that!!!!!!!!"

"woah! omg its amazing!"

"wow!great datailing and you can tell the personalaty of this pic. :)"

"is this our future?"

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