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Ole E. Petterson  Denmark

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About Ole E.

Imaginative realism is my term for placing together people, things & places which in some way, normally don’t go together. I try to create a dreamlike atmosphere, inviting the viewer to make his own stories

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"I really love these as there is just so much to take in and would never tire of them."

"nice work. the second one is smart - reminds me of a commercial though.."

"Absolutely incredible work, Ole. You have certainly carved out your niche.. that will never go away, in the vast universe of art."

"Interesting style, very hypnotic..I keep looking for more images. Please notify if you ever have a show in NYC or Philadelphia. Talent abounds."

"this is very unique work i personly think that it is beautiful!!!"

"I realy like the first one the red realy pops the woman standing there I like her~that could be me arriving or little one enjoyed the second "ha ha that's funny""

"like the subway - more real, but on further inspection is actually fantasy. partial to denmark, i might add..."

"This is such an authentic looking picture that I would even love to have it in my room!This type of painting is the one that I think is cool because of the texture and the background makes the picture pop!This is Great and it really grasps the effect that you`re trying to tell people!!I gave you a 5!!!"

"The artist's work does have a dreamlike feel, especially with the use of saturated light. And there is a "photographic" realism to each composition as well. There are a lot of subjects staring directly out of the frame at the viewer, which makes it a little jarring - like one is caught looking at someone ELSE'S dream and someone ELSE's story. I like the mix of sexual self-awareness and distance."

"Nice! I like your style. Has a good warmth to it."

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