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Robert Lange  Charleston, SC

Oil on panel
Oil on panel

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About Robert

Robert Lange was born in 1980 in Colorado.

He began painting at a young age but in university he studied mathematics for two years before transferring to Rhode Island School of Design.

Lange is chiefly influenced by Julia Jacquette, his former teacher who taught him new perspectives leading him to become professional in 2003. At first he specialized in realism, but after opening his second gallery in 2010, he saw his paintings became more surreal and less focussed on narrative.

His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally collected. Lange has been featured in numerous magazines, including the cover of American Art Collector and Art Magazine, and in New American Paintings.

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"This is incredible and amazing!"

"I've never base jumped before, but I've been out of many helocopters. This seems pretty close to me . I Love it."

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