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Lori Earley  New York, NY

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About Lori

Lori Earley grew up down the street from an amusement park in Rye, New York. She began drawing at a very young age, and was always intrigued by the unusual- a fascination that would become a trait in her art later on.

Lori received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the School of Visual Arts, where she had studied with influential artists like Marshall Arisman and Steven Assael. She received numerous awards and scholarships while in school and was one of the few students in her graduating class to receive the Rhodes Presidential Award for Outstanding Achievement.

Her oil paintings are a unique combination of classical realistic rendering with a personal element of distortion. Their distortion is derived from her innate desire to render the world she feels as opposed to the world she sees before her. Often, the eyes are the primary focus of expression and every painting is a portrait of implicit emotion and mystery- though the message is never obvious. The figures she paints exist in their own esoteric realm and time, and each painting offers a glimpse into their anomalous world.

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"Absoultely lovely gorgeous!!!"

"What lovely work! Love how the young lady's eyes are so surreal but yet so beautiful. It has quite a dark theme to it but also a very elegant one. Excellent!"

"I love being able to look through the larger sampling of the artist's work on their site. The style of these was very modern - which struck me as being both a good thing and a bad thing, at first! I was suspicious that they were a bit pop art. But the nuance of expression over the sum of Earley's work validates it to me - there are layers of stories contained in her work, making it DELICIOUSLY pop, but also legitimately art. I love to see people take styles and mediums they enjoy and use them to express ideas or emotions that preoccupy them. Well played."

"To me, her work is like a fantastical, new age Margaret Keane. Or even better the Star Wars episode 2 species The Kaminoans...."


"I feel that the paintings featured on this page do not best represent her collection of work. These two evoke nothing in me, but the work displayed on her website... that something else. They look like digital renderings, the content is uncanny. I tend to be an adversary of this sort of fantasy type art, but Lori takes the fantastic and runs with it to new levels."

"I love the path. It looks so real spooky! awesome"

"I want to walk down that scary pathway so bad!! Killer."

"A computer image must not convey what is going on in the artist's work. She has been widely recognized in her art community, yet I'm not seeing what other posters praise. Maybe this is too complex for me."

"I must say you have an amazing eye for colors. I loved the paintings,but I did not exactly like the womans eyes. They made her look vicous."

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