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Skip Noah  Dallas, TX

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About Skip

Why do I create art” To communicate. To see what the world looks like filtered through my mind. To tell others who I am in a way I never could in words. To capture moments of this ever changing world. I am a visual philosopher, that’s why I create art.

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Pretty cool. looks like picasso and skip

nice colours.

I find that every-time I look at one of Skip's pieces I find some new detail to love.

I can stare at Skip's art work for hours & come up with different story lines. Skip shows us that even in the abstract we can evoke deep thought.

Skip is a very talented artist! You can almost see his thoughts come to life in his paintings.

I love the level of detail, the color, the thought and the imagination.

I think the first one in great. It really captures your attention

this is raw

I like them, they envoke thought. the city in dark falling apart an impossible maze. the man sitting in front of a screen under a bright light tierd eyes and hands, yet he keeps pushing buttons

Simply wonderful... colourful and happy!!

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