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Jay Shuster  Toronto, ON, Canada

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About Jay

I take pictures of truisms, I also like to play around with the idea that an image can initially look very familiar yet after looking at it for a few more seconds you start to notice things un-familiar.

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"I have not see photos of buildings being treated this way before. Bravo! There is a computer-generated feel to it. Remind me of Transformer the Movie. From the web site, picturing folks playing the Wii is quite an interesting concept."

"The artist's website has some wonderful portraits that fool the eye with a snap-shot like appearance - but they make me feel that there is a deeper connection between the artist and the subject. I just love them. They are certainly worth checking out. The site shows a widely diverse body of work."

"this is pretty cool, sometimes at first look, it seems it could be an illusion."

"Did you create the Podracers?"

"i like this. it's sorta Escher-esque. have you considered adding color? would be interesting to see what happens..."

"Sorry! But it makes me feel car sick."

"i find your work quite interesting"

"This art leaves me cold. It seems so simplistic. But I never had any enthusiasm for puzzles. Figuring out the distortions, just leaves me cold.I don't believe this art has much depth to it. Its not architectural, its more like turning buildings into trees."

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