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Edwin Ushiro  Culver City, CA

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In Japanese “kanashibari” litterally means, “to tie-up and fasten metal.” In addition, the Vietnamese, Hungarians, and Zimbabweans all share this common story of a Pressing Ghost. Usually occurring when one awakes from sleep, is the sensation of limbs & legs going numb, heavy pressure felt near the chest region, and the helpless victims inability to move. The Hawaiians believed this to be the result of “Pule Ana ‘ana,” a sorcery chants that include praying someone to death. Such conditions can also be medically explained as a delay in chemical release in the nervous system.

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"This is the best i've seen in that animation look!"

"Your work is incredible! ...the dreamlike quality of the pieces along with the attention to lighting and color set your work apart from other illustration painting. Content and concept is exceptional as well. Bravo!!!"

"I am fascinated by the top picture! The artist explores interesting cross-cultural dream myths in a suprising new way. In the region where I live (southeast US) we have a similar belief in ghostly spirits that press upon us in dreams. In this geographic area they are called "hags"."

"your art is very creative and colorful. i would purchase one of you art pieces."

"i usually am not into animation as art unless its great. and yours is. i would love to see you do animation for a film someday. something with a great script that would allow your animation to really flourish. lots of luck to you, i'll keep my eyes peeled for your work."

"He's taking it past just illustration and infusing his works with light. They feel fluid and alive.~sammylambs"

"Love your art! I am doing some illustrations for a book. One is of Bryce and Shannon in Japan. It looks like Shannon (Japanese) and Bryce (White} and how they fell in love one summer! This Book will be written by Gary Cox and Illustrated by Dawna Osborne."

"Going to Mr. Ushiro's website was a fascinating look at a busy professional graphic and fine artist.These two pieces are typical of his personal work. They feature special lighting effects, accomplished drawing, ghost narratives, and youthful eroticism."

"I love the colors and the dreamlike quality of your work. Nice :)"

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