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Valerie Buess  Marburg, Germany


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About Valerie

Valerie Buess was born in Switzerland and is now based in Germany. She has been experimenting with paper for the last twenty years.

By twisting, turning, folding paper and sometimes adding some color to her work, she creates organic and often abstract shapes inspired by underwater sea creatures.

These sea urchins, coral reefs, algae, and seagrass, all made from recycled books, hint at mysteries of the deep sea and constitute a sculptural world above the surface.

Her work has been exhibited across Europe and the US.

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"Makes me itch just looking at it. LOL"

"Looks like squid eggs. Blue Planet shows such things many an educational night. :3"

"it's very interesting"

"what is this???????"

"Excellent and painstaking work. The notion of hidden themes and knowledge through the use of recycled texts conjoins with the notion of hidden depths in nature with specific reference to the oceans of our planet."


"for some reason those remind me of goose barnicles"

"anemone's are my enemy!"

"great what is it made of?"

"Strange to read people's reactions "disgusting worms, uncomfortable, gives me bad chills"...To me its a beautiful flower or an amazing underwater creature...just goes to show how people perceive art differently."

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