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NFN Kalyan  Miami, FL

'Far Wells Mill Valley'
Oil on linen
Oil on linen

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About NFN

Kalyan was born in the United States to an Indian father and American mother and grew up between Wisconsin and his father’s native country. Each one of Kalyan’s works is about the destructive nature of the human condition. He is hard but empathetic with the message.

He describes his work by saying, “The great men we have killed, the environment we have destroyed and the lies we tell ourselves are terrible things. But we are supposed to hate the sin and love the sinner. And the sinner is everyone who looks at my work. And the sinner is me. Because we are all human.”

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"How many hours of work does it take to make one piece?"

"ultimate work!!!"


"Brilliant, and varied in mediums...Awesome work!"

"how i feel daily. well done."

"I'd be impressed if I hadn't done something very similar 10 years ago. Mines of Carl Sagan. our techniques are a little different but I pretty much got the same result with light sandblasting and more glass. Wish I would have had access to laser etching would have saved me a million hours. Anyway If you feel like hunting around the WMU campus you'll find some photos of it. Other wise look up my ex in Oregon she has it..."

"this is awesome"

"i like this"

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