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Chelsey Tyler Wood  Boston, MA

'Untitled Box Series 1'
Oil on panel
'Untitled Box Series 3'
Oil on panel

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About Chelsey Tyler

Chelsey Tyler Wood received a BFA from Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and an MFA from School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Chelsey describes the work by saying, “The formal narrative of the painting consists of the female nude navigating an environment of cramped wooden crates. The structures are located in a vacant scuffed up room that references a gallery space. For me the bodies within the boxes become art objects. The figures navigate the space within the boxes, both exploring their relationship to the environment and their relationship to each other. Spatially constricted they react both physically and psychologically. Their experiential condition is communicated through the bodies’ expression of color, tension and mark. The bodies are containers themselves, existing within containers, existing within containers, existing within containers and onwards. As a figurative painter I am repeatedly confronted with the physical and psychological landscape of the female body. My understanding of my own body is influenced and constructed by the shifting social landscape surrounding the female nude. Through self portraiture I have questioned and personalized my relationship to this loaded history, placing my own body into its chronology and creating a collection of visual symbols aimed at expressing my own experience and observations. The practice of painting is developed through muscle memory, observation and repetition. Paintings are ideas created with the body. Paintings are ideas materialized so that one can contemplate the image again and again and again and again. I paint as a way to understand and shape my relationship to the world. I paint as a way to identify and scrutinize the conceptions and misconceptions that I have of myself.”

Quick facts about Chelsey Tyler

Her work has been exhibited at Boston Young Contemporaries and Next Generation III in Boston.
Wood has been distinguished by a Dana Pond Award, a Boit Award, a Springborn Fellowship, and a Montague Travel Grant.

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1 comment from the artist

"I want to thank you all for your helpful criticism, kind words and honest opinions. I welcome any further comments and criticism and am open to continuing a dialogue with those interested. "

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"I found these paintings to be fascinating and thought-provoking. Reading Chelsey's artist statement heightened my appreciation of the work and I feel that her work is highly effective in examining the aforementioned issues of the body, femininity, the notion of art, and the interplay of physical and psychological space. Again, I truly admire this work. I am baffled at some of the recalcitrant, hateful and myopic reactions these pieces provoked. I believe it primarly comes from a lack of understanding.For anyone upset or confused by these pieces, I highly encourage you to read Chelsey's artist's statement before making a snap-judgement."

"@Freelens01: two different medium, two different pieces of art. Ruth Bernhards's piece deals with a different issue. Therefore you cannot come to the conclusion that this is a rip-off. If you are to blame, blame the whole art world because many famous artists in the past have VERY similar pieces. exPicasso and George Braque with cubismMonet and Pissarro,etc and etc ..."

"I like this. Very well painted, obviously you've got technical skills and you have your own ideas regarding what you want to paint. It might not be everyone's taste but neither is the Mona Lisa! I find many of the other remarks very disappointing and don't understand where the "fear" for your work comes from. Keep going ms.Chelsea!"

"Exquisitely handled; her canvas, the subject, each brush stroke. I believe that since these are self portraits, we have shared a most intimate moment, a chuckle, an embrace, a memory with this artist... her honesty is breathtaking. This rendering of the female nude, in a nod to the classical, is at once traditional and proper, and at the same time poking fun. I love that this artist 'has the balls' to take it all on at once. I am particularly enjoying the celebration of the unskinny female figure; it is authentic, it is timeless and it is beautiful. Thank you Chelsey for being untrendy and sharing your expertise and hard work with us all."

"why are 2 naked dudes in a small box together"

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