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Jeffery Laudenslager  Encinitas, CA


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About Jeffery

Jeffery Laudenslager lives in Encinitas, California.

His creative practice relies on principles of geometry that he deems unexpected. They are non-kinetic sculptures that come in all sizes and are designed to trick the mind, sometimes even appearing to be animated. Throughout his career, Laudenslager has constantly sought the most economical means at his disposal to convey his ideas.

His work has been shown across US and in England, Germany, Taiwan, South Korea and Australia, and collected among others by Laguna Art Museum, The Woodlands in Texas, and Wolfstein Sculpture Parks at Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla and Encinitas. His largest piece to date, 34-foot Archimage (literally “Master Magician”) received an Orchid Award in Fine Arts in 1999.

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"I am very surprised at being included and overwhelmed at the comments. Thank yuou all so much...........Jeffery"

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"Beautiful, graceful sculptures. I get continual pleasure from the Laudenslager sculptures at my place, both kinetic and illusionist."

"ver estas maravilhosas obra, faz me sentir vontade de estudar, praticar... parabens..."

"Talk about continual enjoyment! My Laudenslager sculpture never ceases to amaze me. Thank you!"


"Atlanta skyline!!!"

"I've been there!!! I took a pic in front of it!"

"Lovely work!"

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