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Makoto Tojiki  Yokohama, Japan

'Horse with No Shadow'
'The Man with No Shadow'

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About Makoto

Makoto Tojiki received a degree in industrial design engineering from Kinki University in 1998 and has since devoted his personal time to experimenting with light.

In 2003, Tojiki embarked on his career as a full-time artist. Light as his primary medium of expression. Initially he produced only small works intended for production, but he found this limiting and eventually branched out into artistic images of objects constructed from light, such as well as jewelry made of diamonds.

His recent No Shadow series is inspired by the interconnectedness of light and shadow – how they can be manipulated and controlled. Tojiki starts by breaking down the light and the shadow to capture the essence of their symbiosis. The result is images as ephemeral and enigmatic as shadow itself.

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"I LOVE the "Paradox" ring on the jewelry section of his site. Diamond on the inside? That's intelligent x sexy. Really."

"AWESOME! V. cool."

"He don't have to worry about people touching his art... It's probably hot."

"Interesting work. The videos could use some work though."

"Wonder if he uses LEDs. I love LEDs."

"I'm feeling it"

"Love it."

"This reminds me of the time I saw a holographic image that I walked around, in a gallery in NY in the 60's. I was captivated. There are others working in light, but these images are pointilist, not tubes of floresence, and with the horse, there is the added dimension of the modeling with the second color. Great work."

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