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Bob Clyatt  Rye, NY

'Man with Headphones'
'Untitled (Man With Head on Knee)'

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About Bob

Bob Clyatt grew up roaming the countryside of Northern California and studied sculpture formally over eight years at various institutes.

He studied chiefly at The Art Students League of New York, but his work also clearly reflects the zeitgeist of UC Berkeley in the 70s. His sculpture is a fusion of ancient and modern, organic and technological.

His aim is to explore mankind’s oldest collective knowledge, encode it in sculptures and relate it to contemporary issues and audiences. To this end, Clyatt uses ancient materials and methods combined with modern technology, in an effort to make ancient aspects contemporary.

His work has been extensively exhibited in New York, where he lives.

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"I love your work, Bob. Amazing! I especially admire the rake pieces.I am a student ceramic sculptor. My question is how do you attach a ceramic bust or head to a pole which is then attached to a stand? Is there some way to prepare for the pole to be attached to the bust internally? What type of adhesive do you use? What is the pole made of?I sincerely appreciate your consideration of my questions. Thank you!"

"I would rate this artist as a 5."

"I really like Bob's sculptures and his techniques."

"Fantastic work from a sculptor with maturity in his skills, yet with a great deal of creativity and even playfulness in what he has to show and his work has to say. A visit to the artist's website is best before rating just on the two above. The many works on the artist's site were a joy to view, especially with the close-up views possible. His works convey their intentions well, but also leave plenty of room for the viewer's own stories and interpretations -- to say nothing of being just plain aesthetically good to look at."

"i love the second one. very expressive"

"Sharp. Had to stare at them a while. Not just a glance."

"@Jess you mean affects"

"I like the first one. Its amazing and shows how music effects every day life. :)"

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