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Wolfgang Bauer  Los Angeles, CA

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About Wolfgang

Born in Vienna, Austria, Wolfgang Bauer currently resides in Los Angeles. He holds a degree in Fine Arts, Gender Studies, and German Literature from the University of Southern California. Wolfgang also studied at the Hochschule fuer Musik and Darstellende Kunst, (Max Reinhardt Seminar, Vienna, Austrria), and at the Universitaet fuer Musik und Darstellende Kunst, (Mozarteum, Salzburg, Austria).

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"ein namensvetter...vielleicht sind wir ja verwandt. Tolle bilder."

"The concerns over the doable upshot of the creation of contemporary art work are in the center of my personal desire to your topic regarding artwork connections with the sport seeing that sociable exercise. The necessity for improved decisions throughout field regarding video game representation echos increasing hobbies and interests to your excessive circumstances connected with human behaviour that uncover the actual deepest elements of the nature."

"woowwww thats soooo coool"

"Love the use of colors!"

"Great stuff..."

"the first one is somewhat morbid.. hehehe i like the 2nd pic better ..theres too much remorse and drama behind this two paintings,but all in all id give 3 stars for this two paintings ....weeeeeeeeee"

"I like the story been told behind those images. There's a lot of mystery within them that makes me feel sort of strange when I look at it. The first one is completely odd, as some have already sad, but this oddness is captivating. And when I looked at the second one I thought it was even odder, which I think is amazing. It is a beautiful work of art and very inspiring use of colors. I also agree with the person that says the things about the communism. That was a very interesting point."

"I think the artist has a very unique style. His use of a rather limited palette is very clever. His originality is underlined by that almost hyper-realism."

"i think the 1st painting within the 2nd is painted differently to distinguish it as a painting .. ive tried adding murals into cityscapes i've made, and if i do them in the same style, it can be confusing if its slightly stylized"

"the first picture is a bit odd... but the second one seems like it has lots of different style paintings mixed into it."

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