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John Bernhard  Houston, TX

'Blue Marble #1'
'Blue Marble #3'

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About John

John Bernhard was born in Switzerland and traveled around North America extensively before finally settling in Houston, Texas.

The prevailing themes of his work are climate change and planet pollution. Bernhard uses NASA archive images taken by astronauts from the International Space Station and adjusts their contrast and the brightness. Then, he superimposes portraits of children he has taken himself. The contrast between their faces and these perilous landscapes is intended to convey his message about the way we are mistreating our planet.

Bernhard has been a photographer for over two decades now and continues to devote all his energy to bringing them together to enhance the meaning of his photographs by way of visual interplay. He has authored seven monographs, including Nudes Metamorphs, Nicaragua, Diptych, Evanescence, Drift, China. His most recent book, Body Work, is a retrospective on nudes.

His work has been exhibited nationwide and in Europe. It has been featured in numerous publications and was included in Body Work, a permanent collection of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts curated by Christian Peterson: Most recently Bernhard staged a retrospective of his work at the Musée des Suisses dans le Monde in Geneva.

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"your vision and illustration of a planet being totally bombarded by mankind, with his discarded waist and no regard for future generations, is a tribute to your dedication of making a better world in which we live."

"I am disappointed to see that a person with an art education can say that photography is not art. These photos use color, light, texture, and shape to tell a story in an interesting and emotional way. I've seen many "paintings" that are amateurish conglomerations of ducks, cows, or barns that aren't even close to this level of talent."

"Art is not in the hand, technical skill is in the hand. Art is in the heart and mind. Technical skill is not art. Again, I repeat myself, any work that combines line, mark, shape, form, texture, or color to create repetition, rhythm, symmetry, focal emphasis, or underlying shapes in an interesting and creative way is art. How good the art is, is somewhat subjective. I am a trained painter and photographer, by the way. It is my opinion that if you don't understand something you should not be allowed to comment on it. My father used to say that watercolor paintings are not real paintings, only oils, when in fact watercolor is harder. Because, once you put it down it is very hard to change. Oil paintings can be painted over."

"Hugh.....that was hilarious. I appreciate your sarcasm."

"Anonymous: I appreciate your comment and your obvious passion for photography. I too enjoy photography. I have a masters in art and I'm an assistant curator for a museum so I would venture to say that Im a bit familiar with art. If you are comparing The Painter of Light to photography, I sit here shaking my head and arching my eyebrows. As an art student yourself, if you truly think there is equal talent between creating work with mind/brush/canvas vs a camera, again I sit here shaking my head. I thoroughly enjoy and respect photography, but it is does not compare to the raw talent of a painter. I'm finished with this topic for I find it to be a waste of energy trying to get a common sense point across."

"I see Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts are still turning out gifted students."

"Barbara - 'would it have any more validity' -no it wouldn't but it would have required much more skill/talent/time to paint. Nothing wrong with what the 'artist' has done, nothing wrong with the creative thinking. From my point of view the 'art' is just a bit to easy, something like throwing buckets of paint at a canvass."

"your artwork is amazing i got the point the first time i saw it. it really does show how what we do affects earth. it clearly shows how we are facing a problem much greater than what we see, that the earth is sick..."

"Oh, I almost forgot...Nice art! :-)"

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