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Katherine Guillen  Los Angeles, CA

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About Katherine

Katherine Guillen uses watercolor, etching, and ceramics to “chronicle the hopeless state of the environment, and the darker side of humanity that it exposes.” Her translucent-but-dark hues depict subjects such as manual labor and bullies, as well as floods and other forms of nature in an unflinching, subtly humorous manner.

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"I am pleased with your work it shows true expresion and artistry i was overcome with so many feelings at once i love your vision and expresion you have true tallent your going to go places with your art keep it up i look forward to seeing more of your work"

"amazing stuff. thank you"

"What a fantastic vision! Well done!!"

"very nice! ^_^"

"I can feel this in my gut, I am moved, I want to see more"

"I like very much the use of transparency and surreal elements such as inverted horizons in your work. Some formal weaknesses are distracting, such as poor figure construction and a lack of weight. I'm very impressed with your ability to paint buildings in such detail. You also present your message in a very interesting way visually."

"I really enjoy these paintings. They gie a very accurate decription of life for many of us. Also, they make one stop and think about where they are standing within the big picture."

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