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Lisa Nilsson  North Adams, MA

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About Lisa

Lisa Nilsson was born in Masschusetts in 1963 and received a BFA in illustration from Rhode Island School of Design in 1985.

She makes sculptures from Japanese mulberry paper and the gilded edges of old books by a technique of rolling and shaping narrow strips of paper called quilling or paper filigree.

Quilling was first practiced by Renaissance nuns and monks using the edges of worn out bibles, and was later adopted by ladies in the eighteenth century as a decadent pastime. Nilsson finds rendering the densely squished paper very satisfying and Inspired by her recent medical training has quilled a series depicting cross sections of the human body.

Her work has been exhibited nationwide, including most recently at Lavender Door Gallery in her native Massachusetts.

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Christopher Jobson

Creator/Editor, Colossal

"Lisa Nilsson is probably one of my favorite artists. Her splendid quilled paper anatomy pieces made my jaw drop the first time I saw them, and it's been so exciting to see the attention her work has gotten over the past few months."

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"Nice to read about a unique technique."

"i am sorry folks....I hate this's not that I can't see why some of you would love and appreiate the loveliness....but I have been an RN for thirty I had my fill!my fill and's only my opinion and every #$%#*($ has one."

"The two works shown here intrigued me sufficiently that I visited the artist's website and looked over each and every work shown there. This process of quilling anatomical artwork is not the artist's only strong point. Her assemblage boxes were an absolute joy and fascination taking the art of assemblage to a higher plane by combining interestingly presented found objects with uniquely original works built up from or around small found objects, photos or those painted by her own hand. Her small paintings left me wanting to see more of the brilliant color, fine draftsmanship and creative composition. I hadn't expected to be particularly moved, but this artist and her work are creatively inspiring. Of all of the works, her assemblage boxes were exceptional."

"The subject matter is a little startling, but the work itself is wonderful."

"I am not too thrilled with the boxes but I do love the painting of the swimmer from an underwater view."

"Its really beautiful & wonderful."

"Wow! I'll never think of quilling in quite the same way! I remember doing a quilling project in grade school and HATING it... but these are really marvelous. If the nun had showed us something more like THIS, I would have been greatly inspired. Brava, Ms. Nilsson!"

"WOW!!! Exceptional work from a true ARTIST!! It's obvious she puts all of herself into her work. So much detail, raw talent and passion. She went to RIS of Design which helped me understand her self discipline, it's one of the best art schools in the US.Kudos' to you Lisa! I respect your talent and love your work!"

"I really love the "Boxes" series on her site. They somehow make me feel excited about life."

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