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Sarah Esteje  Paris, France

Ballpoint pen
Ballpoint pen

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About Sarah

Sarah Esteje is an illustrator and photographer born in 1987. She studied art in Paris at both LISAA and Gobelins School of the Image, Paris. Her series of animal portraits is drawn entirely in ball point pens.

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'The Sea'






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"absolutely incredible artwork. am studying it for a school art project"

"which paper did you used for your art? ..what a wonderful art"

"any more information about her?"

"i love her a pen :) it hink its abosulutely gorgeous!!!!!!!"

"Very wicked, thats 1 that mkes me wonder what inspired the artist on the octopus in that position."

"very realistic...-o-"

"You are an amazing ballpoint pen artist + photographer, I absolutely love the movemeber ad! Awesome stuff"

"Ms.Esteje. Ballpoint art isn't new, but you're certainly doing it well. Hell of a technique (no smudges! I cannot write with a bic and not smudge :^) and intresting results. Like Tms, I also like your photography, keep going!! would love to see what your work is like over 5 years. Thx."

"i am very much inerested in visual art."

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