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Nancy Loughlin  Redmond, WA

'The Go Around'

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About Nancy

Nancy Loughlin was born in Hartford, Connecticut, in 1946. She received an MFA from Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles in 1970.

Her latest body of work explores a perceived growing discord between an increasingly unhappy human race and nature. depicting complex problems through chaotic compositions, densely populated by animals, plants, machines, and meta-environments. Loughlin uses many layers of paint and distorted representations space, size, and perspective to emphasize this concept.

The series emerged from questions about encroachment, dominion, pollution and destruction. She hopes to strike a balance between meaning and beauty. All her paintings are intended as important commentaries about our shared existence, she says.

Her work has been awarded several prizes and exhibited nationwide.

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"WOW... So creative.... Ron"

"its beautiful art"

"Wonderful and powerful images."

"very cool!"

"Her work gives an impression of magical realism. A focal point of light with pictures that create a sense of peace and order ; and then coming in and out, swirling around in spots of lights and dark, creation in a sort of chaos. Interesting."

"Nancy Loughlin is a painter with a vision - not always a pleasant one, to be sure, but a clear view of how poorly people fit with the rest of nature. Although clear, her vision is not dispassionate; she cares that we ponder the facts she puts before us. More than a journalist, she is a philosopher in paint. For mine, that beats any conception of pure art for art's sake; for if an artist does not engage with her audience, of what use is all her skill and training? Which is not to say that an artist can't give simple enjoyment - as when we see her beautiful stag standing tall - or entertain us with a smile. Still, if we entertain her humour, we might find it disturbingly dark - and don't we need a little disturbance from our comfortable ways?"

"sooo cool"

"I love her work. I could sit gazing at it for hours. She accomplishes her goal!d"

"Her art makes sense. I like the encompassing nature...everything living in a fades cage, and the world on a merry go round. Makes sense."

"Wow, love it. That was the very first impression I had, before I even really looked closely at all the images, and read about the thematic meaning behind the images (on The Go-Around)."

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