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Nate Frizzell  Los Angeles, CA

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About Nate

Nathan Frizzell is a Southern Californian through and through. Raised in Riverside, Nate took up residence in Los Angeles to pursue a professional art career, all the while the golden state’s influence can be seen reverberating through his work. Using realistic rendering techniques juxtaposed with flat iconographic shapes, Nate creates a playful tapestry which dances around the line between commercial art and gallery work.

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"I think I have seen your work before! You are amazing, just amazing. The playful yet deeply emotionally driven work always makes me stop and stare in admiration. Your talent and creative spin leaves the viewer with a delightful eye full. Keep up the truly beautiful work Nate... I'm always looking forward to your next piecexoxo"

"Love this, reminds me of a dream I had when I was a little girl."

"Wow, great work. Its rare you find a young artist with so much talent. The muted colors and soft under tones really set the mood, making these works almost surreal. Can't wait to see what you do next. I only wish I had your talent."

"Nathans work is amazing. I love the story behind the illustration. Each piece of work i see shows his growing gift. Can't wait to see more."

"love your stuff, great colors and contrast. very inspiring. you go.t"

"I enjoy these paintings, but it can seem dark because the viewer cannot see the figures' face. Perhaps they have something to hide? Very well done."

"Just because the faces are not shown doesn't mean he doesn't know how to paint them. I think it's pretty obvious from the quality of his work that he could paint beautiful faces, I think he just chose not to. Anyway, Nathan, I think your work is very special, I hope you go far."

"Nate is a rare talent!! A young artist who is seemingly boundless ... I can't wait to see where his work takes him in the next 10 years, his pencil work is sublime."

"You should learn to paint a face, it would make what you do look pretty and not so I dropped out of art school like."

"wow!! these paintings are breathtaking!! i looked up the artist and his work is fantastic. BRAVO!!"

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