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Daniel Jackson  Claymont, DE

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About Daniel

Daniel Jackson lives and works in the Claymont, Delaware home he shares with his wife and son. Painting in oil and using multiple glazes in a manner similar to the Dutch Masters, his style and technique result in luminescent images that nod to the past yet pave new roads with their contemporary sensibility.

Jackson gained recognition as a portraitist during the 1990’s, completing numerous paintings for clients across the country. His recent focus on still-life works has allowed him to further develop his unique realistic style.

Jackson’s detailed paintings, portrayed in a naturalistic style, are deceptively simple yet remain true to the subject. With an almost uncanny attention to realism, he does not eliminate the flaws in the objects he depicts, and is thus able to capture the fragility of his subject and comment on the transitory nature of life.

Through his mastery of subtle changes of light and color, Jackson successfully creates another world in his intricate depiction of everyday objects.

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"FANTASTIC! the detail on the chest and everything else for that matter was glorious, I loved the beauty that you pulled from mundane things."

"my favorite artist. his most recent paintings are unbelievable. amazing talent and technique. had the pleasure of meeting him, great guy. anyone would be lucky to own one of his pieces."


"wow, i couldn't really figure out the context of showdown--but your values are so spot on, i can't help but "feel" the depth between the wall and the items on the desk. i've never seen depth done so well in oil."

"Very nice work and inspiring for any true artist. It is truly sad that there are small minded and talentless fools among us that have to inject meaningless "content" into art. They obviously just don't get it and care only to impose their small minded ideas on all of us. Those that need to find messages in art should stick to their pathetic, paint-splashed toilet seats. You have true talent and it is manifested. Keep it up."

"Hey everyone, I just wanted to thank you for all of the comments, I really appreciate it. I have an upcoming show at my gallery in San Fransisco in July please drop by if you live in town. Thanks Geoff for including me on your website, I've gotten tons of traffic on my site and its been fun getting some feedback.Dan"

"fabulous work. i paint mostly contemporary and abstract realism is really not my stuff, but work like this motivates you to try something within the field of realism as well!! that is what is meant my inspiring art. great job, excellent!"

"Well when you mature enough to appreciate the simple, beautiful things in life, when you're no longer estranged by the masses of visual stimulation in today's capitalistic society, then you'll appreciate this Nick. I appreciate it - the smoothness, simplicity and balance of composition, appreciation of color, brushstroke perfection... its wonderful. Its not easy to achieve simple beauty, but you've managed to capture it so well. Thank you!"

"I almost thought it waz a photo!!!That's awsome!!! :P"

"Mr. Jackson, you are something else. Thank you for sharing your gift."

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