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Soey Milk  Pasadena, CA

'You Know the Way that I Hide'
Oil on canvas
'My Days Have Been Quiet'
Oil on canvas

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About Soey

Soey Milk is an LA based painter.

Recommended by our guest curators

Zach Tutor

Curator of Supersonic Electronic

"Soey Milk's ability as a painter is a profound, delicate experience. I'd say it was dreamlike but the reality of her work has a depth lost entirely if one tries to dream of it. That extra dimension that brings her work out of the dream state and into the now makes Soey one of the best young artists in the world as far as I'm concerned."

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"Sensually engorging.Marvellous images."

"your work is ethereal and enigmatic. it reminds me of the old dutch masters, how they can draw you in with their realism and richness. your portraits are lovely."


"Beautiful, I love the shaddows and darkness of the eyes. Totally draws me in and conveys a darker air to these angelic beauties. Well done and I'm looking forward to following you work."

"Good. No one yet saying something like, "she looks like she's searching or feeling." BS like its some kind of poetry. It's either it looks great or it doesn't. Keep it simple you college people."

"stunningly beautiful. amazing work. thank you so much for sharing you wonderful talent."

"Great technical skill, but I would lose the "halo" effect. Unless the intent is to be rather gloomy, a colored background would be nice."

"On one hand these paintings show great technical mastery.On the other hand the portraits look dead and lifeless.Maybe this is on purpose, or maybe a lack off ability?Either way this is not for me."

"@Anny I don't think their faces are symmetrical, if anything they look a bit waxy. Nevertheless, great job Soey Milk!!!"

"Those are amazing to me. Just stared at them for a while. That is difficult for an artist to accomplish with me. Have been taking pictures for a while and am still to nervous to capture portraiture. Amazing how this artist captured these two gals without a lens."

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