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Valentin Fischer  Stuttgart, Germany

Digital Painting
Digital Painting

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About Valentin

Valentin Fischer aka “Shu” is an illustrator living in Germany. His work has been published internationally.

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"A beautiful that a bullet hole in the right eye?"

"totally reminds me of james jean... i've seen lots of artists' works resembling james jean style lately... but its freakin' cool..."

"i LOVED, them i'm not the only one with a mind like this."

"I think you have a beautiful mind and an exquisite gift."

"Beautiful. Just beautiful.Is it OK for me to let you know that Valentin has 3 prints available at my website, ivoteforart.com, Ben @ ivoteforart"

"the second one makes me think of how we grow up we lose our innocense, the balloon. at least thats what i felt when i looked it over."

"I love how you can make something so simple yet have such a powerful meaning. I think it's great how you blend the colors together so naterally."

"wow, i love the way you blend the colors together. Great use of shading...unique [:"

"Its awesome."

"Great work. I checked your site. Your flesh tones and clouds are really well done.Hope to see more from you!"

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