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Aleksandr Fayvisovich  New York, NY

'Quiet island'
'The morning coffee'

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About Aleksandr

Aleksandr Fayvisovich was born and raised in Moscow, and studied art at the Moscow State Academic Art College under Victor Slatinsky and Yuri Sedov. In the 1990s he moved to New York City and continued his education at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Human emotions and gesture are at the heart of his painting practice. He prides himself on the ability to express them elastically, conveying feelings and even thoughts. He regards art as a tool for understanding the world around us, and sight our primary means of collecting information.

Fayvisovich is now an experienced book designer and illustrator but fine art remains his chief focus.

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2 comments from the artist

"I am sincerely grateful to Artist A Day for featuring my artwork "Quiet Island". It is an honor for me to present my paintings before such a large and well-prepared audience.I thank my colleagues for taking the time and effort in evaluating my artwork.I wish my fellow artists the best of luck in the coming year.Happy holidays!Aleksandr Fayvisovich"

"This artwork was exhibited at the International ArtExpo New York 2011, and is featured in American Art Collector magazine #74 Dec 2011 in the Figurative Art Editorial section.You can view it at the Flickr ArtExpo photostream:"

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"Now this is what I consider 'true' art. Beautiful, amazing, wonderful, but simple. Wish I had to money to afford!"

"I rather like this artist's sense of and use of light to not only highlight the figurative elements, but also to add emotion and energy. I like his use of blues, whites, yellows and other colors that fit so well together. He seems comfortable in a range of styles and fits the style well to each particular work. Also, on his website, I found very expressive and very effective pencil or graphite works. The September 11 pieces were deeply moving and the figure studies were dynamic even with (or because of) an economy of line and shading. Thank you for sharing your visions with the rest of us."

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