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Michelle Ferrera  Temecula, CA

'Hazy grainy daze'
'Summertime makes me feel...'

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About Michelle

Michelle Ferrera holds a BFA from Montclair State University, New Jersey.

Born into a creative and close-knit family, she learned art from a young age. She describes her sisters as the makers of imaginary worlds and her father as a professional artist.

During her studies her work evolved from primarily journaling and sketching to more full-fledged, figurative drawing. During a semester abroad at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, Ferrera made it her trademark to document the smells and colors associated with her subjects.

After graduating, she worked a few years as a a furniture painter, wedding photographer, art teacher and mural painter. Organized Mess was her first full installation comprising journals, sculpture, paintings, drawings and photographs.

Her work has been exhibited in California and New York as well as in New Jersey.

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"I enjoyed the tour of the artist's website. She's learning and growing in her skills as evidenced by her newer work compared to the older works. I find the use of wood as drawing surface to be an interesting course of direction that is not common and, therefore, does add newness and difference in mostly (though not always) positive ways. Her exploration of new, uncommon angles lend an interesting change of perspective and that always leads both artist and viewer to see people and their portraits in possibly new ways; that's a good thing, especially when it works. As she grows her skills in photography and mixed media, she will have good to contribute even more."

"I love this work.. Nice job Michelle.Dave - San Diego"

"Erotic, and the patterns of the wood gives this piece life."

"Michelle -- very good -- very clever--fishfoot."

"rad toes."

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