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Zachary Abel  Cambridge, MA

'Paperclip Snub Dodecahedron'

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About Zachary

Zachary Abel is a second year mathematics Ph.D. student at MIT. His Research focuses on the interactions between geometry and theoretical computer science. Before MIT he completed a joint mathematics and computer science BA at Harvard University.

Abel designs and builds Mathematical Sculptures, attempting to reveal hidden geometric beauty in office supplies and other modest materials.

He remains active in teaching math at all levels. After competing in many competitions including Mathcounts (Texas team), the International Mathematics Olympiad (US team), and the Putnam competition (Harvard team).

Abel also coaches the USA Math Olympiad Summer Program (MOSP), the AwesomeMath Summer Program (AMSP), and the Texas teams of the American Regions Math League (ARML), among others.

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7 reactions displayed

"those are really cool"

"Omg how do u make that i might be able to make but it would be smaller and uglier its like the ball loks hard to make because its a perfect round ball"

"But is it art?"

"Wow, how do you make a perfect ball with the black clips? This is so cute!"

"Clipart? Nice!"

"Zachary, these are so fun and I like how you explain the method you used to build each piece. Well done."

"Interesting! ... I've been looking for a way to build a model of the tektosilicate structure, made of tetrahedra linked together at all four corners. Quartz is the best example. In the morning I'm going to try it with paper clips. Very creative idea, Zach!"

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