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Nancy Goodman Lawrence  Los Angeles, CA

'What Comes to mind'
Mixed media on paper
'Secret Language'
Mixed media on panel

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About Nancy Goodman

Nancy Goodman Lawrence received a degree in art from the University of California, Los Angeles. She spent years making figurative and portrait collages from maps. She is now working on a series of works based on the oval shape.

Nancy describes her newest work by saying, “In my newest series of mixed-media works, I play with oval shapes, weaving them in and out of grid-like structures, using paint, collage, graphite and ink on paper or cradled panels. I approach this work with a sense of playfulness and exploration.”

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7 reactions displayed

"Omg! People made from maps! Creative! and very nice color!"

"Very Creative!"

"Cool. I didn't even notice the maps at first glance."

"I really love this work. Location, geography, maps are so much a part of our backgrounds. As a dabbler in genealogy, I find this exciting. And this work is a gentle reminder of how often people change locations in the search for work and a living. Which has many sad aspects, as well as positive."

"Ambitious narrative."

"These are great! So interesting. I wish I could make them bigger to see what is actually on the maps themselves. Really neat idea!"

"nancy' i live in israel. i am an art collector and i think that you are a great artist. israel l."

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