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Cha Jong-Rye  Daejeon, South Korea

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About Cha

Cha Jong-Rye was born in Daejon in South Korea in 1968 and received an MFA in Sculpture from Ewha Women’s University in 1996.

With the intention of creating subjective emotions, Cha is careful to let the material steer her practice and ‘express itself’ in doing so. The natural smoothness of wood takes shape in her hands. Lights and shadows dance on the wood’s surface, and the piece comes to life with a humble energy.

Her work has been extensively exhibited in South Korea, including most recently at Museum of Fine Arts of Sunggok. She lives with her husband, the sculptor Lee Jae-Hyo, twenty miles east of Seoul.

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Recommended by our guest curators

Tracey M. Hawkins

Curator / Art Professor

"The intricate folds, creases, knobs, shadows and highlights of Jong-Rye’s stunning, wood wall sculptures beg to be appreciated with all five senses. Undeniably impressive from a technical standpoint, they are aesthetically compelling as well, and it quickly becomes impossible not to stroke the curves and deep crevasses of the beckoning shapes."

Kevin Townsend

Boston, MA artist/educator

"I respond to the way that Cha uses repetition of a simple rigid, element to create free flowing topographical forms. I feel a kindred relationship with her process, where unplanned structures emerge as synthesis focused work over time."

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"Woooow!! a human being, what a wonderful creature that God has ever created. Look at the amazing things they can do. We can be encouraged to use every minute in a good way and realise the ability of thing we can do. God is great. A good work Ms.Jong-Rye."

"Im agree with Karel renard."

"I like the shadow on the second one. Looks like grass!"

"OMG! thats wood!? that's so wicked!"

"It is an amazing thing, what Ms. Jong-Rye can achieve in wood... LOVE this work! (Wish the website was a little easier to navigate in English, though.)"

"Fantastic. Mind-blowing. Beautiful. Amazing skill, craftsmanship and free-flowing creativity. Thanks for allowing us the link to view the artist's website in English translation. Great stuff."

"Looks like a wrinkle time."

"his art work makes me move and speaks to me and my family!*"


"I love Cha Jong-Rye's work. It's moving and speaks to my since it has depth and feeling."

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