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Barbara Cole  Toronto, ON, Canada

'Still Waters'

* All images used with permission. Please do not distribute without first contacting the artist.

About Barbara

Barbara Cole is a self-taught photographer and digital artist. After dropping out of high school she worked for a while as a model until she was offered the job of fashion editor for a then-fledgling Toronto Sun daily newspaper, with an opportunity to shoot the weekly fashion spreads.

During this job she developed her skills enough to open her own photographic studio. In the decades to follow she has directed TV commercials and worked for advertising clients as well as producing her own work.

Cole has always tried to remain true to her vision carefully follow an inner voice. Her work has been exhibited worldwide and collected privately and publicly.

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"Full of passion."

"These are a joy! Such lovely delicate work - I did think they were paintings! Love the compositions-palette-texture- just gorgeous - thank you!"

"@Nicole, these pictures play on the stereotype of models to be thin. There's a reason they're both clearly in photography studios. This pair of photographs captures their "off-camera" frailty and uncertainty, as even though they fit the stereotype of being thin, they too feel the pressure put on them by what they do. (Equality goes both ways btw)"

"I agree; these women are too thin! Neither image seems to be about the individual women portrayed, so the images conjure ideals of beauty and femininity instead. With that in mind, I do question the assertion these images are making - that thin equals beautiful. We have too much of that message in popular culture already!"

"I really like the soft ambiance created in this work. Well done."

"No one should let their own insecurities or agendas get in the way of appreciating beauty."

"nicebut the ladies in these paintings are way too thin they kind of remind me of starving children."

"I don't believe in artwork that further glamorizes eating disorders"

"I have to agree, beautiful work. Photography and art is rather difficult (to me personally) as in this world after the arrival of afordable digital camera's, we're completely overloaded with an avalanche of images and every household will have at least a camera or two So to see a photographer (with many years of experience) standing out with her own voice is just great.Check out her site, it's worth it."

" almost looks like she represents the sand in the picture."

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